… i just like to get inspired.

I’m not entirely sure where this came about, but at a young age I would paint an imaginary red frame around a site or setting that I wanted to commit to memory…around what I perceived to be beautiful. While I had no concept of photography, I learned later on in life that I was practicing the art of composition.

STREET LAYERS is an exciting project to speak of, and one that uses composition to create a story in something that is generally overlooked as we rush around with our lives. It is a micro view of this world, of an individual’s account of what lies in between the lines in the street art world. I find it interesting because it is sourced from both obvious and hidden perspectives.

It represents the layers of here and there that have culminated, and continue to manifest through the fringes of the street art scene and the lurking ‘public’ who continue to deface [or reface?] it. We live in an incredible generation of artists, vandals and street publicists, layering and commingling their cause to form an alter-art form.

Public art continues to expose itself on walls, sidewalks, front doors and abandoned buildings. Basically, anything that can be tinkered with, is tinkered with. Our cities are in constant flux, and ever-changing. It is ultimately the collection of our art, our cry, our politics and expression. This project exploits both message and content in a more micro-abstract manner. It is the art in-between the art that too speaks to this city’s texture, after both nature and nurture beat it down and tag it back up.

Walk by a stoop or street corner one day, and it can be completely refaced with another slant, or vision the next – adding another dimension to its intensity. I light up when I experience this, and love it more so when I’ve photographed something one day, and days [weeks, or month's] later, it’s no longer there, morphing into something completely different.

STREET LAYERS is specific to finding beauty amidst an often-chaotic home base. In one iteration, I consider this beauty as it is one of the ways we stand together, united and tied to another – It is our voice; it is our art.

I think STREET LAYERS demonstrates that sometimes it is what’s most obvious and often overlooked that holds a high concentration of beauty – it just may need the perfect red frame to resonate to another in the most natural and simplest of ways.